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Current training courses

Growing an Intercultural Mindset: Global Competence for Educators

How to effectively and appropriately communicate in an intercultural academic environment. An online course for academic teachers from around the globe. Use Erasmus+ Virtual Mobility funds to participate.

March 15, 2024|Length: 20 hrs | ECTS 0.5|Price: 599€

Past training courses

  1. Preparing lecturers to teach transversal skills and intercultural competency (November 2023)
  2. Contemporart Teaching Methods at a Multicultural University with Syllabus Building (November 2023)
  3. English as a Medium of Instruction (October 2023)
  4. English as a Medium of Instruction (June 2023)
  5. Transversal skills. A course for administration staff at a multicultural university (June 2023)
  6. Teaching Generation Z (May 2023)
  7. Preparing lecturers to teach transversal skills and intercultural competency (May 2023)
  8. Financial self-sufficiency of universities and financing of internationalisation (March 2023)
  9. Growing an Intercultural Mindset (January 2023)
  10. Student Services Office (December 2022)
  11. Preparing lecturers to teach transversal skills and intercultural competency (October 2022)
  12. Teaching Generation Z (January 2022)
  13. Managing intercultural communication at university administration (January 2022)
  14. Contemporary Teaching Methods at the Tertiary Level (December 2021)
  15. Intercultural Competence for the Doctoral School Academic Staff (October 2021)
  16. Intercultural Competence and Awareness for the Doctoral School Administrative Staff (July 2021)
  17. Teaching Generation Z: How to Use Design Thinking to Upgrade Your Teaching Skills (October 2020)
  18. Intercultural Communications Management at an Intercultural University (June 2020)
  19. Intercultural and Intergenerational Team Management at an International University (May 2020)
  20. Introduction to Internationalisation of the Curriculum (March 2020)
  21. Students’ Office Management (November 2019)
  22. Fundraising at Higher Education Institutions (September 2019)
  23. Intercultural Management for University Administration Staff (July 2019)
  24. How to Modernise the Curriculum – a Course for Academic Staff (June 2019)
  25. Quality Assurance Management (May 2019)
  26. Soft Skills at an Intercultural Higher Education Institution for Administrative Staff (February 2019)
  27. Teaching Generation Z: How to Use Design Thinking to Upgrade Your Teaching Skills (March 2019)
  28. The Development and Internationalisation Strategy Building (January 2019)
  29. Team Management Workshop (December 2018)
  30. Student Enrolment Management (November 2018)
  31. How to Strategically Develop Partnerships with the Global University Environment (September 2018)
  32. Design Thinking in Developing (International) Student Services (March 2017)
  33. Student Enrolment Management (June 2016)
  34. The New Curriculum in the Global Economy (May 2016)
  35. Managing Alumni Relations for Increased Employability of Graduates (May 2016)
  36. Intercultural Communications On and Off Campus (March 2016)
  37. Clinical Communication Skills (February 2016)
  38. Working with Agents (January 2016)
  39. Teaching and Communicating in an Intercultural Context (November 2015)
  40. English as a Mode of Instruction (ongoing since October 2015)
  41. Teaching Medicine to International Students: Pedagogy at University Level (September 2015)
  42. Using Sales Techniques to Recruit More Students (June 2015)
  43. Student Enrolment Management (May 2015)
  44. International Strategy Development (January 2015)
  45. Financial Management toward Internationalisation (January 2015)
  46. Benchmarking & Measuring Progress (January 2015)
  47. Strategic Markets and Targeted Marketing in International Student Recruitment (October 2014)
  48. Culture Matters: Intercultural Management of an International Campus (February 2014)
  49. Student Recruitment Tools: Using Social Media and Working with Agents for Effective International Recruitment (November 2013)
  50. Winning Strategies in International Higher Education Marketing and Recruitment (June 2013)