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Hi! I am Justyna Giezynska. When I was looking for my place in Polish society after 12 years of studying, living and working in the United States, I landed a job at a small Warsaw higher education institution to start recruiting international students.

I had absolutely no clue how. And in 2005 in Poland, no one knew! What I did know was that I stumbled upon something very special: international education was love at first sight. In 2013, I started Studybility to help international officers at Polish higher education institutions get insights from renowned internationalisation experts I brought to Poland.

Internationalisation and staff development never left my focus but I have significantly expanded the breadth of my activities in international education. It is now strongly focused on curriculum development to serve the students, the teachers and the world.


Internationalisation of education positively changes societies: it opens people to communicate and collaborate, think creatively and critically.

At Studybility, we strive to help you adapt and evolve, stay focused on your professional goals and contribute to improving the quality of education.


Studybility strives to enable professionals in international education to quickly and effectively solve their current work issues.


Studybility will continue to assist international education professionals in their development as they become the backbone of positive change in education in the spirit of citizen empowerment and global solidarity.

Core Values

Integrity, accountability, synergy, progress and cooperation are the core principles and fundamental beliefs that guide Studybility in creating quality and value.