Internationalisation at Home. The New Norm.

Internationalisation at Home. The New Norm.

Lecture & Workshop on Internationalisation at Home. The New Norm in Higher Education.

For Whom: Deans, Vice-Deans

Date: June 3 – 4, 2019  

Location: Faculty of Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań 



Internationalisation at Home. The New Norm In Higher Education.

Internationalisation defined as student mobility has been observed in the contemporary higher education for the last 40 years. Deeper, comprehensive internationalisation, inclusive of processes beyond mobility, requires the higher education institution to adopt a strategic approach in its implementation. Institutions increasingly acknowledge that with the arrival of international students the administration must change its practices and teaching must be adjusted to the needs of an international and intercultural audience. The concept of Internationalisation at Home addressing these necessary changes is becoming increasingly discussed also in Poland. It reaches beyond the internationalisation of science and research as it affects didactic staff and all, not only international, students. Has the culture of Internationalisation at Home been set in Poland already? What can we do to strengthen IaH practices at our universities? How can we establish IaH as a New Norm in functioning modern universities?


Mapping Internationalisation at Home

Internationalisation at Home is the new norm among modern, progressive universities. IaH is a complex process which requires strategic approach to be successful. This workshop on mapping Internationalisation at Home at your institutions will help you determine at what stage of international development your unit and the entire institution are in terms of practices of Internationalisation at Home in respect to the education process. We will use the Ketso method whereby all voices are heard and participants arrive at a map of what they have, what they are missing, and what potential they have in terms of Internationalisation at Home.