Winning Strategies in International Higher Education Marketing and Recruitment

Winning Strategies in International Higher Education Marketing and Recruitment

Winning Strategies in International Higher Education Marketing and Recruitment.

Effective solutions for good and bad times.

Where? At the premises of our Host and Main Partner: Kozminski University, 57/59 Jagiellonska Street, Warsaw, Poland

What? The training will inform the participants about:
• newest trends in education markets around the world
• practical ways to prepare an effective promotion and recruitment strategies
• basics about working with agents
• modern methods of student recruitment supported by online solutions
The participants will have a chance to analyse, together with the trainers, their current work problems.

For whom? The training is addressed to middle and high level employees of higher education institutions who work in international marketing and recruitment and taking care of international students.

Two days of hard brain work and we have arrived successfully at the end of training on “Winning Strategies in International Higher Education Marketing and Recruitment. Effective solutions for good and bad times“. Congratulations to all who have complete it!

58,1% of the participants thought that the training was great, for 22,5% of the attendees the training was very good and for 12,6% of them it was simply good. Only 6,4% of the participants thought that the training was just decent, barely 0,4% were only satisfied and none thought it was weak.

And here is what we have learned:

During Day One, Pamela Barrett got us all thinking about our higher education institutions’ preparedness to strategically market abroad aiming to recruit quality international students. We pondered where to start preparations for a comprehensive international strategic marketing and communication strategy. Customer Relationship Management was frequently mentioned as a much neglected aspect of international activities in our schools. We listened carefully to what is the importance of internal communications and how to use best practice from around the world to the institution’s advantage. Pamela’s experience as auditor at world-class universities undergoing changes to better internationalize was essential to understanding why these changes need to be carefully crafted.

The nitty-gritty of the basics of a proper market research, as Chris presented it, left us wanting even more knowledge on that subject and we were happy to find out that there are resources which can assist in our own research of countries relevant to our HEIs. Some of us heard for the first time how student behaviour research can be used for marketing and recruitment.

Chris Price’s first-hand experience as an educator and later an agent gave us a solid background for talking about whether or not to work with agents in our recruitment efforts. As a way of introducing the topic, Chris talked about who the agents are and how they operate and what is the purpose of employing them. The discussion got hot when we listened to the theory and practice of a good working relationship with the agent and the ways to successfully search for good agents. Most of us thought that this topic deserves more time, such as through a one-day workshop in the future.

Day Two brought even more brain exercises. Thanks to Chris Price and Tony Lee talking about digital marketing we found ourselves in the world of our students (and yes, sometimes in the world of our kids) as we discovered the realm of a “digital native” to have a better understanding of how “digital-native” students seek and use information on education choices (country, institution and course selection). The job seemed a bit scary as majority of us fell in the category of a “digital immigrant” but in the end we bravely concluded that students themselves can help us in using social media and digital marketing techniques for effective international marketing and recruitment. As websites continue to be important in the communication strategies of our institutions, we listened closely how to create content for websites to make them more attractive to potential students. Finally, we discussed –and watched!– how the latest digital-marketing techniques and trends, including Mobile, APPs, film and viral marketing can support our recruitment efforts. There still much to learn on this subject, the sooner the better.

Edwin van Rest had a tough job to keep our attention at the end of the day but he did so successfully by practically explaining themethods on tracking and conversion from online marketing activities and evaluation of ROI. We got a good glimpse at how to track effects of the institution’s internet marketing activities and support the conversion of leads into students by using the funnel method and also by learning about good practice from around the world and suggestions how to increase the conversion of leads into actual students.


Pamela Barrett

Pamela Barrett, MA and MBA, director of Barton Carlyle, international consulting firm working in the area of university foreign relations, their international communication and recruitment strategies, international cooperation, fundraising and alumni programs. Educated in the US and UK, during 25 years of her professional life Pamela worked as Education Attaché at the British Council and promoted UK education in Malaysia and the US, worked as an international recruitment and student affairs director in the UK and US and as a consultant. Until recently Pamela managed Higher Education Advisory at KPMG, one of the Big Four consulting firms, for whom she still consults. She also is a Senior Consultant at International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) which studies student opinions, benchmarking and global education market research, as well as at Brakeley, international consulting firm working on international fundraising and alumni management. Pamela is a member of EAIE, NAGAP and NAFSA, where she frequently speaks. In the last 20 years she has trained university, government and association employees and member in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia. Pamela’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Chris Price

Chris Price, MA, director at Adventus Education. Educated in the UK and US, in the 20 years of his career Chris has been a director in international offices and international marketing departments in UK universities, media agency working on international higher education marketing and in international student recruitment agency, which gave him experience as a manager and leader in public and private education. As a consultant, Chris works on agent relations, marketing in education, international recruitment and digital marketing. He hold a title of a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he has been a Marketing&Recruitment Professional Section at the EAIE. At conferences, workshops and seminar Christ trains employees of universities, private institutions and education promotion agencies. Chris is the winner of Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice form EAIE for innovative input into international education and Queens Award for Enterprise for a university for its successful international student recruitment campaign he led. Chris’s LinkedIn profile is here.

Tony LeeTony Lee works for INTO University Partnerships Ltd in the UK, developing communication strategies with the use of digital marketing techniques and relying on social network for eight prestigious universities in the US and UK. In the last 10 years in promotion and marketing targeted at youth he created one of the first in the world TV2web enterprises, he was a marketing manager at a TV channel for young people and a commercial manager at Optimistic Media, managing the international affairs of the company, created and managed two start-ups. Tony is one of the founders of University Choice TV, created Global Campus connecting students to universities. He frequently speaks at EAIE conferences and for Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), he is a trainer at British Council for Digital Marketing T&D for universities in the UK. Tony’s LinkedIn profile is here.

Edwin van Rest

Edwin van Rest, MSc, is founder and CEO of StudyPortals – the European Study Choice Platform. Educated in Industrial Engineering and Management Science he specialized in knowledge-intensive processes and innovation management. He gained project management and analytic experience as a strategy consultant for a multitude of large corporations. His expertise mainly lies in understanding student orientation needs, online technology and result-based recruitment for HEIs. His company StudyPortals. was awarded ‘most promising social start-up in the Netherlands’ in 2009, and it has rapidly developed a unique position in Europe in the number of study seekers and universities it serves. Edwin’s LinkedIn profile is here.


Kozminski University

Kozminski University, founded in 1993, is a private institution of higher education with full academic rights. The university has obtained Polish and international accreditations, as well as excellent results in global and national educational rankings which shows the high quality of its programs and services. Due to these qualities KU diplomas themselves have become coveted. The university’s offer includes various bachelor, master’s, MBA’s as well as Ph.D. programs. All of these are also offered in English.

Since 2009 KU has been classified in the prestigious educational rankings provided by the ‘Financial Times’ –Business School rankings, which include the best universities from around the world. Moreover, for the past 13 consecutive years it has held first place among private universities in educational rankings published by ‘Perspektywy’, ‘Rzeczpospolita’ and ‘WPROST’. KU also received a special distinction from the National Accreditation Committee in regards to the management program.

KU holds three international accreditations: EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. Only 5% of business schools from around the world hold all three including Yale and Harvard University. The University holds the right to award doctoral degrees in three disciplines: management, economics and law. As the only private higher education institution in Poland, it has the power to authorize a higher Ph.D. degree (habilitation degree) in the discipline of management and economics. Also under the so-called parametric evaluation of research units within the field of economics Kozminski University boasts the highest first category ranking.

The educational offer includes: management (in Polish and in English), finance and accounting (in Polish and in English), economics – international markets, law, administration, as well as social sciences in management: sociology and psychology in management. Starting in the academic year 2010/2011 the university has created an elite law program called ‘PRAWO+’.



ICEF connects educators, education agents, work and travel professionals, and industry service providers to key markets and networks worldwide, supporting the growth and development of international education and global student mobility. ICEF’s various services enable education institutions to achieve results and efficiencies in growing international student enrolments. Educators choose ICEF for its longstanding reputation of quality and commitment to nurturing and accepting only the highest calibre of education agent and to providing excellent events and marketing resources. ICEF’s services include: ICEF Agency Recognition Programme – providing quality assurance for educators by recognising ICEF-screened and vetted recruitment agencies; ICEF Workshops – B2B events in all key markets, connecting international educators, agents and service providers, as well as work and travel professionals; ICEF Monitor ( – a market intelligence tool featuring news and research commentary on topics related to international student recruitment; ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) – a practical, professional training course for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors. ICEF can help you achieve your student recruitment goals. Contact Harald Kreiner on +49 228 201 1946 or email Find ICEF at

Eastern European University Association

The Eastern European University Association promotes associated universities of Eastern European countries at all main conferences, global meetings, workshops and fairs related to international higher education around the World. It was founded in 2010 by Russian and Ukrainian State Universities and it has its main seat in Moscow but offices in Beijing, Delhi, Islamabad, Kampala, Kyiv and Kharkiv. Its main functions include organizing own educational exhibition and seminars abroad and attending main international education expos abroad for promotional reasons; recruiting and coordinating activities of agencies which promote education is associate universities; setting up cooperation between foreign and associated universities; and organizing seminars on international students recruitment for associated universities. EEUA organizes The International Universities Conference which helps associated universities to set up cooperation with foreign universities, the last edition of which takes place on April 22-24, 2013 in Moscow. For more information see or contact the EEUA head office at

border concepts

border concepts is an education and marketing consultancy specialized in undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA student recruitment. With 10 years of experience, border concepts empowers institutions by providing a range of cross-media solutions and quality customer services, showing our clients how to communicate with the right student in the right way. For more information about border concepts and our services, please visit or contact Mr. Sjaik Djorai, Managing Partner by calling +49 2562 9938 112 or +49 160 944 660 74 on mobile, by emailing or by skyping s.djorai.