Training: Practical Aspects of Curriculum Internationalisation

Training: Practical Aspects of Curriculum Internationalisation

Practical Aspects of Curriculum Internationalisation

For Whom: Rectors, Vice-rectors, Deans, Vice-Deans

Price: 650€

Date: June 14-15, 2018 (Thu&Fri ) 


Registration through Leadership Forum in Higher Education website.

Participants of the workshop will be introduced to a number of theoretical frameworks that can be used for comprehensive and deep internationalisation. Using a practical tool, they will complete an institutional scan, which will provide the participants with purpose, connection and coherence in their IoC plans. The participants will map their governance structure of internationalisation and identify champions in their formal and informal networks to see if the current structure is sufficient to support the IoC ambitions of the institution. After the introduction of a stakeholder model, participants will consider different stakeholder perspectives and perform a number of case consultations for a deeper understanding of the level and type of involvement from old and new players in IoC. How can academic disciplines be categorised and how does this affect their rationales for IoC? How to introduce and use programme logic model? Furthermore, direct and indirect methods of assessment of global learning will be presented and participants will explore different components of a comprehensive assessment plan. We shall end with a reflection on listening to student voice and becoming aware of our own biases and assumptions in education is essential for successfully delivering global curricula.