Training: Teaching Medicine to International Students: Pedagogy at University Level

Teaching Medicine to International Students: Pedagogy at University Level

When: Friday and Saturday, September 25 -26, 2015

Where: Warsaw, Poland

For Whom: Medical doctors and other practitioners in the field of medicine who are entering the teaching practice or are now confronted with teaching in English and wish to improve their skills.

Course Description

This course is a first module in a three-part series entitled Studybility Teaching for Quality in Medical Sciences. It aims to strengthen the participants’ knowledge on the principles, theories and methods of university pedagogy at medical faculties. The goal is to offer new ideas and tools to help the participants develop their teaching methods and successfully convey the material to international medical students.

The two-day course addresses in practical terms the issues of course design, syllabus writing, course preparation and delivery for higher quality in teaching and for better learning outcomes. It is designed for those who, being practitioners in the field of medicine, are entering the teaching practice or for those who are now confronted with teaching in English and wish to improve their skills. During the course, the participants from medical faculties will explore different ways of teaching and will share diverse, personal experiences on learning concepts. During the workshops the participants will have a chance to analyse, together with the trainers, their current work problems related to course design and delivery, as well as classroom environment.

The training takes place in English without a translator. The format of this training requires a high level of interaction. Specifically, the course requires attendees to prepare for the session in advance. The course starts with a pre-assignment before the group gathers, continues in the classroom and ends with feedback on participants’ short teaching demonstrations at the end of the workshop.

Participants will be encouraged to be active in the sessions so that they make the most of the personal contact with our high calibre experts. Besides the training sessions, the participants will have a chance to meet and discuss with the experts during coffee and lunch breaks, as well as the Course Dinner.

Course elements:

  1. Teaching and learning in medicine
  2. Learning theories and the practice of teaching
  3. Creating interaction through teaching methods
  4. Course planning and syllabus writing
  5. Exam and test preparation in a multicultural environment
  6. Assessment of learning outcomes and its role in the learning process

The contents of this course may vary depending on the specific needs and objectives of the group. Teaching and learning methods in this course include introductions to new topics, group work, experimentation through practice, demonstrations, drama, case examples and peer feedback.

Learning Outcomes:

After the pre-assignment and the workshop the participants will:

  • be able to teach effectively in the field of medicine
  • be able to apply key theoretical concepts related to learning and teaching in higher education
  • be able to examine the teaching and learning environment from the (international) student perspective
  • understand the principles of constructive alignment in teaching
  • be able to apply these principles in curriculum design and implementation
  • be able to draft a course syllabus
  • be able to assess their teaching skills and methodologies and initiate corrective actions in their own pedagogical thinking and practice
  • be able to effectively prepare student assessments (tests, exams, oral presentations, etc.)
  • be able to manage problem students in an intercultural classroom