Training: Strategic Markets and Targeted Marketing in International Student Recruitment

Training: Strategic Markets and Targeted Marketing in International Student Recruitment

Training: Strategic Markets and Targeted Marketing in International Student Recruitment

Where? At the premises of our Host and Main Partner: Kozminski University, 57/59 Jagiellonska Street, Warsaw, Poland

When? October 29 and 30, 2014

What & For Whom? Our international experts talked about how to conduct targeted market research and how to prepare a cost-effective international marketing model. This was a unique opportunity to get crucial information about popular and new recruitment markets and effective marketing in higher education. The participants learned from our international trainers the insights on how to increase chances for successful recruitment campaign based on their long-term experience in a given market. This 2-Day Training Course, addressed to higher education professionals working with international marketing and recruitment, attempted to answer these and many other questions:

  • How to choose markets with the best potential for my institution?
  • How can I best understand the markets and the competition there?
  • How do I prepare a marketing strategy and recruitment plans to achieve my institution’s objectives?
  • Having a finite budget, how can my campaign be effective?

How? The program was delivered through a combination of lecture/seminar style presentation, interactive exercises, and small group discussion formats.  The training delivered country-specific case studies on each day to embed the presented approach into real-world examples of potential student recruitment markets in different stages of growth. The case studies derive from Eastern and Central Europe (Poland), Asia (India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan), Africa (Nigeria), South America (Brazil).

On the first day, Pamela Barrett in a session on “Ready, Willing and Able” focused on strategic marketing of a higher education institution in the international arena. Participants did a quiz evaluating their own institution or department to see if the essential conditions for successful strategy development, internal and external, were there and what were the potential challenges and opportunities. We looked at practice in designing a successful strategy, the principles of risk management and the essentials of customer relationship management. Chris Price continued with Practical Implementation and the ‘4 P’s of marketing which are the strategic factors determining the success of international student recruitment, both internally and externally. We also discussed a hot topic of marketing on a limited budget. Chris followed with synergising with the national/regional/city education promotion or tourism agencies’ marketing initiatives. And, importantly, we looked at template for making marketing plans.

On the second day, Pamela discussed the fundamentals of market research: the role and value of market research in developing strategy and how to use research to develop market understanding. Then in an exercise we worked on choosing the best markets for the institution and noted how research can support these decisions. Through examples and exercises, we looked at competitor analysis, PEST and SWOT, as well as strategy evaluation and ROI. Importantly, we discussed finding information sources, including understanding student behaviour and decision-making research and how to use this for marketing and recruitment. We used case studies from key student recruitment markets and did exercises on implementing market intelligence systems and delivering market research. Chris gave examples of low cost tools for marketing HE institution, focused on digital media, using the example of LinkedIn University pages. He stressed the advocacy and other distribution channels for marketing messages. We touched upon sometimes controversial guerrilla marketing and using PRP channels to market: recruitment agents, MSR’s, consortia models and other in country resources.

All training participants received a 100 € voucher for Leadership Forum 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, an important event on management in higher education and internationalisation.

Contact: Justyna Gieżyńska, tel. +48 506 980 605



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