Training: Culture Communications on and off International Campus

Training: Culture Communications on and off International Campus

Culture Communications on and off International Campus

When: 3-4 March 2016 

Where: Warsaw, Poland

University of Social Sciences and Humanities, ul. Chodakowska 19/31
March 3 – room S307B
March 4 – room N225


Our 2-day training aims to improve the skills of international marketing and promotion staff at higher education institutions. The training will address issues of intercultural communication between HEI staff and its international, culturally-varied audiences when recruiting and caring for international students after arrival on campus. The training will discuss the techniques to effectively present vital information about your HEI and its education programmes to students, parents, agents and other higher education institutions while at international recruitment conferences, agent workshops and education fairs. It will allow to better cater to the needs of candidates and incoming students of multicultural, multi-ethnic and international backgrounds. It will also help HEI staff to manage expectations of students as well as their own toward successful intercultural communications.

Discounts available for groups of five or more.

Making the Case: Presenting to International Audiences

This session will present the methods in presenting to international audiences for whom English is not the native tongue. The expert coach will deliver an interactive session on presenting orally and visually. We will look at the marketer’s workshop in oral presentation: how to speak to enhance curiosity of the audience and increase student’s involvement in his/her educational future? How to make sure that key stakeholders are truly involved in the process of choosing our HEI as a place to study (students, parents, agents)? We will aim to raise participants’ awareness and efficiency in using one’s language and voice in presenting. In the section on presenting visually, we will concentrate on the form in service of the content: how to use visuals and select content to maximize your potential in promotion and marketing. A special session on body-language will bring closer the concepts of working with space and emotions during the interaction with students (individually or in groups) to show how they matter and how can they support our work.

Solidifying Contact: Intercultural Communications on an International Campus

Over the last decade research has become available about which approaches work and which do not for certain cultures when it comes to communication in the classroom. This session addresses the issues of cultural differences, intercultural management and communications to raise quality of interactions and mutual understanding between HEI staff and international students. We will discuss strategies for mindful cross-cultural communication for effective recruitment across cultures and good communication with students in person. In a series of targeted examples we will learn how to better communicate effectively across cultures by email, phone and skype, as well as in person; what to include and what to avoid when preparing culturally-sensitive marketing materials, what to include in orientation days and acculturation sessions. We will discuss how students adapt to different cultures and how this affects educational interactions and non-academic assistance; we will also talk about difficulties staff  might encounter to note the room for improvement on the part of our higher education institution.

Ensuring Long-Term Success: Quality Management in an International and Intercultural Setting

We will also discuss quality management as an important element of marketing and promotion of the institution’s brand. We will see how the question of branding comes into play in a world of instant feedback. Participants together with the trainer will discuss the ways to develop an institution of higher learning into a truly welcoming place for international students by exploring such concepts as international student satisfaction, the reputation of the institution, quality of service and service marketing and maintaining relations with alumni.

Learning Outcomes:

After the course the participants will be able to:

  • Present the key concepts about their HEI in an international, intercultural setting while using sophisticated communication techniques and newest presentation tools;
  • Define and cater to the needs of incoming students stemming from multicultural, multi-ethnic and international backgrounds;
  • Manage expectations of students and own expectations as administrative staff.


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