International Student Recruitment

Programme: International Student Recruitment

Training: Market Research and Planning

For Whom: International marketing professionals, international office directors

Course Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Date & Location: TBD

This course discusses designing an international marketing strategy for the international arena. It looks at necessary conditions for successful strategy development, internal and external, and the essentials of CRM. Moreover, it sheds light on the potential challenges and opportunities in this area and focuses particularly on the proper market research which should be particularly thorough to achieve desired objectives. Implementation of the objectives depends on proper preparations, as well as on a good design of the actual marketing plan and communication strategy. We will discuss both offline (including the importance of working with agents) and online strategies, which are already an integral part of marketing and communications. This course is an opportunity to get crucial information about popular and new recruitment markets and effective marketing in higher education. The training delivers country-specific case studies to embed the presented approach into real-world examples of potential student recruitment markets in different stages of growth.

Training: Using Sales Techniques to Recruit More Student

For Whom: Recruiters, marketing and communications officers

Course Level: Intermediate

Date & Location: TBD

In today’s competitive environment international marketing & recruitment are crucial to universities across the globe. Most universities do some marketing and a lot more recruiting, which in fact is nothing else but sales! In the process of student recruitment proper sales skills are essential for all staff involved. This workshop focuses on the marketing and sales skills needed to be successful in helping students make a decision right for them. It discusses the sales cycle, service marketing and the marketing funnel toward effective lead generation, management and conversion, consultative selling and recruitment forecasting. The workshop uses a lecture-style approach to establishing a learning framework, small group exercises and role play to focus on practical solutions in everyday recruitment.

Training: Student Enrolment Management (SEM)

For Whom: Recruiters, admission and marketing officers, international office professionals

Course Level: Intermediate

Date&Location: Spring 2017

With student enrolment in university systems around the world continuing to grow, and nearly 5 million students travelling abroad for some element of their university studies, student enrolment and the management of the processes around it are an important part of the life of universities today. Our two-day course examines the topic in its entirety, from speculative enquiry to registered student. At the heart of the course is the view that, like any other consumer, the prospective student has choices and that certain behaviours and particular expectations drive their actions. Acknowledging and acting on these customer-led behaviours are amongst the biggest challenges universities face today.

Training: Intercultural Communications Management

For Whom: International officers, international PR specialists & international marketers

Course Level: Intermediate

Date&Location: Spring 2017

This training addresses the issues of cultural differences, intercultural management and communications to raise the quality of interactions and mutual understanding between HEI academic and non-academic staff and international students when recruiting and caring for international students after arrival on campus. The training discusses the techniques to effectively present vital information about your HEI and its education programmes to students, parents, agents and other higher education institutions while at international recruitment conferences, agent workshops and education fairs. It will allow to better cater to the needs of candidates and incoming students of multicultural, multi-ethnic and international backgrounds. It will also help HEI staff to manage expectations of students as well as their own toward successful intercultural communications.

Training: Metrics – Learning from the International Student Lifecycle

For Whom: International office and marketing staff at higher education institutions

Course Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Date & Location: Spring 2017

*** Course under development ***