International Office Management

Programme: International Office Management

Training: Managing an International Office

For Whom: International office directors

Course Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Date & Location: TBD

*** This course is under development ***

Training: Student Enrolment Management (SEM)

For Whom: Recruiters, admission and marketing officers, international office professionals

Course Level: Intermediate

Date & Location: Spring 2017

With student enrolment in university systems around the world continuing to grow, and neary 5 million students travelling abroad for some element of their university studies, student enrolment and the management of the processes around it are an important part of the life of universities today. Our two-day course examines the topic in its entirety, from speculative enquiry to registered student. At the heart of the course is the view that, like any other consumer, the prospective student has choices and that certain behaviours and particular expectations drive their actions. Acknowledging and acting on these customer-led behaviours are amongst the biggest challenges universities face today.

Training: Design Thinking in Developing (International) Student Services

For Whom: International Office Directors, Student Services Coordinators, Erasmus Plus Coordinators

Course Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Date & Location: March 2-3, 2017, Venice, Italy

Student services on your campus help you cater to various needs of the domestic and international students. However, your offerings might not be adjusted to the needs of the contemporary Millennial student.Sometimes the services are not advertised properly and students have difficulty finding support in the hour of need. Or your client service procedures are out of date and need updating. All of this may result in problems for both the student and, ultimately, the university. This course uses an innovative method of design thinking as a student-centered approach. It integrates student needs, technology, and the goal of caring for the student through positive experience. We will discuss: developing, enhancing and promoting student services such as campus visits and orientation days; services for physical well-being and mental health, learning support centres, and career advising; safety, entertainment and fun outside of the campus, and maintaining an informative campus calendar. The participants will leave with a basic toolkit in design thinking.

Training: Working with Agents

For Whom: International office directors, international recruiters

Course Level: Intermediate

Date & Location: TBD

The workshop, through presented research, best practice and discussions aims to help the participants in understanding agents in the global context, the specifics of appointing agents, the legal and financial considerations as well as managing agents in the post-appointment phase. The workshop will discuss the details of working with agents to cost-effectively recruit quality students around the globe. It is aimed at international recruiters interested in learning more on how to get started or to work more effectively with recruitment agents. Attendees will learn why agents are increasingly important in international recruiting and hear from industry experts how to recruit, manage and motivate recruitment agents to best effects whilst protecting your institutional brand.

Training: Intercultural Communications Management

For Whom: International officers, international PR specialists & international marketeers

Course Level: Intermediate

Date & Location: Spring 2017

This training addresses the issues of cultural differences, intercultural management and communications to raise quality of interactions and mutual understanding between HEI academic and non-academic staff and international students when recruiting and caring for international students after arrival on campus. The training discusses the techniques to effectively present vital information about your HEI and its education programmes to students, parents, agents and other higher education institutions while at international recruitment conferences, agent workshops and education fairs. It will allow to better cater to the needs of candidates and incoming students of multicultural, multi-ethnic and international backgrounds. It will also help HEI staff to manage expectations of students as well as their own toward successful intercultural communications.