English as a Mode of Instruction (EMI)

English as a Mode of Instruction (EMI)

Training: English as a Mode of Instruction (EMI)

For Whom: Lecturers and all teaching staff

Required: English at B2 level

Date & Location: Online

English has become a lingua franca of international education. This course focuses on the proper usage of English in the classroom. This is not an English language course; this is a course in teaching using English as the language of instruction. It improves teaching skills of non-native English speakers teaching in English. It discussed in depth the concept of EMI and helps develop good practices in teaching. This online course (40 hrs) is universal for all disciplines.

Completing this course gives Cambridge English Certificate.

Course elements:

  1. Language for lectures
  2. Language for seminars
  3. Language for small groups and practical sessions
  4. Language for tutorials and supervision
  5. Language for online communication
  6. Language for evaluation and feedback
  7. Language for fulfilling professional responsibilities

Learning Outcomes:

After the course the participants will be able to:

  • Engage students through clearly structured lecture delivery;
  • Supervise groups of students in seminars;
  • Set up and manage specific activities in small groups and during exercises;
  • Interact with and guide students in tutorials;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with students online;
  • Give effective and supportive feedback to students;
  • Communicate effectively in peer-to-peer professional roles;
  • Operate effectively in different university cultures.


1500 PLN per person. Discounts available for group registrations. For more details, please contact Studybility at training [at] studybility.com.

This course is part of the Teaching for Quality Programme but can be taken independently.