Certificate of Competency in International Student Recruitment

Our International Student Recruitment Programme consists of 5 courses and ends with a certificate.

Locate, enroll and retain your quality international students with targeted and effective marketing, sales, recruitment and student support techniques. The goal of this training programme is to provide recruiters and marketers with necessary knowledge and tools to successfully recruit and manage the international recruitment processes and support the foreign students.

International experts will teach the theory and show practical implementation through case studies and examples.

There are 5 courses in the International Student Recruitment Programme:

  1. Marketing: start with a good market research and build and implement a strong marketing plan (Strategic Markets and Targeted Marketing in International Student Recruitment, October 2014, Warsaw, Poland. Next edition planned for November 2016)
  2. Sales: see how to sell the educational offer and capture quality leads (How to Recruit More Students Using Sales Techniques, June 2015, Pecs, Hungary)
  3. Recruitment: learn how to better convert leads, master credential evaluation, use CRMs and data derrived from the recruitment cycle to improve institutional offer and recruit more efficiently (REGISTER NOW for Student Enrolment Management on April 18-19, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary; see the previous edition of this course).
  4. Foreign Student Support: discover intercultural communications, service marketing, the role of services and their perception in marketing activities (see our Culture Matters course in Warsaw, Poland in February 2014 and Cultural Communication on and off International Campus in March 2016).
  5. Success Metrics: conduct skillful & purposeful analysis of data for further strategy planning, future marketing and recruitment, increasing of effectiveness, building world-class standards in recruitment. This course is coming soon.

Your higher education institution will have two academic years to work toward the Certificate of Competency in International Student Recruitment.

DISCOUNTS: The regular price for one training is 650 €. You will receive 10% discount for the second training in which your institution participates, 20% discount for the third training, 25% discount for the fourth training and 30% discount for the fifth training – all from the regular price. You may also receive discounts from Early Bird price: 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%.