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We offer multi-course training programmes and workshops for leaders and administrators in higher education.

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Training Programmes

International Student Recruitment

Locate, enroll and retain your quality international students with targeted and effective marketing, sales, recruitment and student support techniques.

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International Marketing in Higher Education

Perfect your marketing skills from research and planning to implementation and measurement of your campaigns directed at international audiences.

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International Office Management

International office is responsible for proper student enrolment and services, agent cooperation and smooth intercultural communications on and off campus.

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Teaching International Students

Contemporary international classrooms demand higher standards in pedagogy and the language of instruction, managing cultural diversity and improving communication.

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Capacity Building for Internationalisation

Capacity building is a pressing matter in higher education. Internationalisation demands a strategic approach toward governance, management and financing.

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Teaching in English

Make sure that your lecturers are understud. They can improve their skills using the CLIL Methodology or through an EMI online course (40 hrs).

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