Education in Internationalisation

We help academic and administrative higher education staff change for work and life in a globalised environment.

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 2019/20 Training Courses

University Management

  1. Building long-term development and internationalisation strategies
  2. Making internationalisation financially self-sufficient
  3. Fundraising for universities
  4. Strategies for creating global relationships
  5. Quality management at universities
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University Administration

  1. Intercultural management at universities
  2. Student enrolment management (SEM)
  3. Student office management
  4. Administrative team management workshop
  5. Soft skills development for administrative staff at a multicultural university
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Teaching Professionals

  1. Modernising education: internationalisation of the curriculum, fostering transferable skills and supporting graduate employability
  2. Teaching generation Z: improving attractiveness of courses and engaging students through Design Thinking
  3. English as a Mode of Instruction (EMI) – a fully online course
  4. Modern pedagogy and andragogy at an intercultural university (includes syllabus building)
  5. Supporting 21st century teachers: how to teach students soft and intercultural skills in a multicultural classroom
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Continuing & upcoming trainings